I Cried

I have been moved to tears this week.  Ok, ok, ya, I’m emotional.  I cry about stuff sometimes.  But this week was different.

On Sunday at about 7pm, I realized that I forgot my power cord to my laptop at school.  When I went to pick it up, the first thing I saw was our new principal, Archie Lillico, on his knees in his work clothes, resealing our school sign while his daughter power-sanded it.  When I got closer, I realized his wife was also there and she was planting flowers in the pots around our school that have remained empty for the last couple of years.

I went to my class and got my power cord and then I got back in my car and drove away.  And I cried.

I cried because it has been a long time since someone has shown that kind of caring for Stony Plain Central School.  I cried because I finally saw the outside of our building as a newcomer might see it, and it wasn’t impressive.  I cried because not only was he doing something wonderful for SPC, but he was also showing me who he is as a parent, a husband, and a community member, and it WAS impressive.  I cried because I felt relief, and happiness and “the winds of change”.


5 thoughts on “I Cried

  1. I cried… after reading your post… I cried. How lovely! I know Archie from his Duffield days, and ironically that is the school that Raman has ended up at this year. The circles of life… hmmm…

    I really enjoyed the few interactions I had with Archie in my first days as a substitute 8 years ago. You are lucky to have him on board and tell him I say “hi”… let me know if he remembers me.

    I am starting a new venture as an educational visionary connecting schools with community, business and the world in authentic learning projects… check out my website http://www.edwaves.ca. I am still subbing so give me a good plug at SPC:) Talk soon – I think the first week may be hectic for you so you should call me in:)

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