What do you do “In Between”?


Yesterday I read a post from Matthew Ray called Laughs Over Lunch  in which he illustrates some discussions he and his students have while blogging at lunch time.

I smiled as I read and thought about my own “in between” times with students.

Aren’t the in between times the times when we really build relationships with students?  When we can turn off our teacher faces and voices and just be? I love the times when we can chat and tease and laugh.

Last week I can remember giving high fives in the hallway as students moved to the next class and stopping to talk with groups of students outside their classroom just before the bell went.  I compared book choices from the book fair with one of my grade 8s and shared the  excitement as that same student became an uncle for the second time. I laughed and teased my soccer star about the weaker points of the game and once again turned down the boy who asks me every day if we can play basketball today.

Curriculum and lesson plans are important but filling up the in between time is the foundation of what we do.


5 thoughts on “What do you do “In Between”?

  1. I really miss this part of the day. I teach from an office now to other schools via DL system. I can tell there is a disconnect with the students. I’m kind of just the guy on TV. The “in between” time is a powerful part of teaching.

  2. I make a habit of standing outside my door at the end of the day and wishing all the students a good day. Seems a bit odd at high school for them, and there are more than a few that look a little creeped out by it. Some nod along and wish me a good day in return. Others roll their eyes a bit and wonder if I have anything better to do. I don’t mind at all, and I know that some have now expected me to be there, and they beat me to saying good bye.

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