I have spoken on a previous post about being stuck between two passions – my love for athletics/athletic leadership and my new goals to build my tech abilities and knowledge.  I’m still flip flopping.  I think I may have come to some conclusions about why.

I believe strongly that athletics unite a community.  Whether its a school, town, province, country or continent I think that if we build a strong athletic foundation the rest of the community with also flourish with the “trickle down” effect. For some reason, people unite around athletic events or teams.

I have been a part of a school with a rich athletic culture.  ALL areas of the school were flourishing, not just the sports teams.

In 2006 the Edmonton Oilers hockey team made an unexpected run to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  There are no words to describe the positive glow of the city.  Friends and strangers alike came together to cheer our team.  Driving down the streets became an uplifting event of togetherness, love and reaching for a common goal.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics did more to unify Canadians than anything I can remember in my life time.

So you see, this is where my beliefs lie.  This is what I “hang my hat on.” How can I walk away from athletics when I believe so strongly that this is the most effective way to bring our school together?

I can’t.


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