We Pulled It Off

Last week, on December 14th the grade 8 students at Stony Plain Central School put on an amazing Renaissance Faire for visiting schools, SPC staff and students, parents, grandparents and  other guests. They dressed in authentic Renaissance clothing, presented information and artistic creations and performed music and drama pieces. Here are a few of the highlights:

Artists grotto

Our Renaissance artists displayed, sold and created  different pieces of artwork.  They actually painted rudimentary portraits of some of  our visitors.  Their knowledge of Renaissance artists and techniques was excellent and they answered visitors questions about the art of the time.

Our musicians were an impressive group.  These students came together and learned a Renaissance period guitar piece that they played  during the day.  They also created a display and gave information about other instruments used during this time period.

Sword fights

The sword fights and jousting competitions were some of the most entertaining aspects and drew the biggest crowds at the fair. Kids created their own armour and shields.  They researched different fighting techniques, choreographed some fights and held their own tournament.

These girls were the Renaissance “royalty.” They walked around the fair and sat on their “thrones” to watch the jousting and sword tournaments.

Our Catholic Brother

We even had our very own Mona Lisa!

We had a number of  students who represented the merchant class.  They sold buns, pies, teas, dried meat and art.  One group even made a Renaissance meal and served it to our guests.  The meal  included red “wine” – aka cranberry juice.  Some students sat at the “Bank” and exchanged money into ducats so that fair goers could purchase the merchants’ wares.

Our students competed in a jousting competition.  They rigged cardboard horses heads on a couple of scooters, created armour and used pool noodles as their lance.

We were lucky enough to have access to an authentic Renaissance musician. This lady, who is a friend of one of our EAs, agreed to come with her Renaissance organ, recorder and horn.  She played continuously throughout the event and discussed and answered  questions about her instruments.  We were so thankful and honoured to have her join us.

One of our students and his dad and uncle actually built this stockade at their farm and brought it to the school. These kids were our policing and punishment experts.  Guests of all ages were quite eager to get in the stocks and see how it felt.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any rotten vegetables to throw…maybe next year 😉

The kids definitely had a good time and I know it was appreciated by all those who visited.  As teachers, we already have a plan for how we are going to improve on this project for next year.  As someone who has seen a lot of changes at our school over the last 5 or 6 years, including the loss of some of our long-standing traditions, I am hoping that the grade 8 Renaissance Faire will become one of the new SPC traditions.