A Parent’s Pride

Curling by Benson Kua
Curling, a photo by Benson Kua on Flickr.

One of the absolute greatest things about being a teacher is the opportunity share in the goals and dreams of our students. As a coach I get to know students outside of the classroom and many of them have dreams of playing sports at elite levels.

In the last month, I have watched 3 of our alumni play hockey in the AJHL (Alberta Junior Hockey League), one play in and receive the silver medal at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts national final in women’s curling, one of our former basketball stars play in his last home game for Grant MacEwan University as a 5th year senior, and five younger alumni playing basketball at both of our local public high schools.

On Wednesday and Thursday, our students traveled to watch our drama kids perform the musical “Mulan”. I’m always filled with such a sense of respect when I watch our kids, who I usually only see in the class/school setting, pour their hearts into a performance and are brave enough to sing and dance and act for the enjoyment of others.

I’m not sure I can accurately describe the sense of pride I felt at each of these events. To be honest, I felt a lot like I do when I watch my own children while they play sports and master new skills. I know very well that most teachers feel “parental” to their students in so many ways and as I reflected on that fact and what it means, I wondered if parents know that. Do they know how invested we are in their children?


One thought on “A Parent’s Pride

  1. I sure did know how invested you (and many other great teacher/coaches) were in my kids!!! You have no idea how much I miss school sports–when I went to watch my nephew play basketball for Muir Lake, a couple of weeks ago, I had to hold back the tears cause it just brought back so many great memories 🙂

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